Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tips for Your Photo Shoot

  • Avoid clothing extremes. Generally, turtle necks and V-necks are good, as long as they don't over-power the subject's face. Bottom line, the subject should dress to feel comfortable.
  • Schedule the photography session when you're in your prime (some people are morning people, others aren't).
  • Have personal care items on premises, such as brush, comb, hairspray, chainsaw (for those really bad hair days), make-up, lipstick, mirror, hair clips, etc.
  • The star of the portrait photography session should bring at least one additional change of clothes (and shoes, if appropriate). Two or three are even better.
  • Have fashion accessories on premises, such as scarves, jewelry, hats, flowers, etc.
  • Plan to be at the location at least 15 minutes early so you can put your hair in place. Adjust your clothes, and RELAX. If you are frazzled feeling, it will come across in the portraits.
    Avoid bare arms where possible. Opt for long-sleeve shirts/blouses rather than short-sleeve.
  • Everything in the portrait photography session should be geared toward drawing attention TO the subject's face, not AWAY FROM IT! Therefore, if women are being photographed full-length, they should wear pants, a long skirt, and/or dark stockings.
  • The color of the clothes:
    Avoid bright reds and orange (they battle the subject's face for attention)
    Darker colors are generally better than light colors
    Colors like white, yellow, and pink tend to over-power the face and make the subject took too pale
  • In general, the best colors are medium shades of blue, green, burgundy, and rust.
  • Darker colors minimize body size where lighter color emphasize
  • If taking a group portrait, everyone should wear complimentary colors. The outfits don't have to be duplicates to look good; however, you don't want everyone in light blue and one person in bright red.
  • Let children be natural!

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