Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Last Saturday I headed out to the Mesa Arts Center where all the parking was blocked off and part of the road. I was freaking out a little. With a huge sidewalk sale/fair going on, there was a TON of people. But We still got amazing pictures!
I photographed this cute little family of 3 almost 4 I back In April/May when she was pregnant with this little cutie! Time has sure flown! The adorable daughter then, is so beautiful and as you can see in the pictures to follow, loves the camera!
Comparing these pictures to a couple months ago, I have to say I'm very proud of myself. Before I would do a ton of editing but only a couple of these are tweaked. Most are all straight out of the camera. I am getting better :)

The baby had to be feed twice throughout the shoot as you can see she was not very happy

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