Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ana the Model

I have been privileged to be the photographer for this gorgeous girl over the years.
Starting when she was only 16yrs old  then last year for her Senior Pics 2010 
and pictures with her brother Summer 2010.
They are moving next week and I was able to have one last session with her before she moves.
It was great getting to know her and her mom over the years.

So here are my favorite.
Some I couldn't decide if I liked the color or black and white better.

She is the perfect person to photograph. I didn't have to tell her anything.
She moves and poses all on her own and brings several outfits
and knows how to work the camera!

1 comment:

exilegaming123 said...

I think she might just have to come to Az once a year at least for pics. I seriously doubt we will ever get pics like these ones. You are amazing.