Friday, July 15, 2011

BreastFeeding Awareness

One Regret that I can think of when it comes to Photography is not having enough pregnancy pictures with my first and not one nursing picture of any of my three babies, besides the ones I snapped on my phone. I just love when they have their tiny hand on you and look right into your eyes.
I have recently come across two photographers.
I just adore their work but they are in Texas.
They are Photographers who capture the true beauty of Breastfeeding.

My list to do....Get pictures of me nursing my two sons
and add Breastfeeding Mamas to my portfolio.

And what a better time to get started then now!
August is National Breastfeeding awareness month!
In honor of that and what I want to do, I am offering the first 3 mothers who comment or email me,
a free 30 min session with all images on Cd.


Every mother who comments or emails
from now till Aug. 31
 I will do your session for only $30.
I really want to give mothers these beautiful pictures of such a beautiful thing,
that I don't have pictures of and wish I did.
Thank You!

*if you have a friend or sister who nurses and want to do it at the same time then its only $10 additional. so $20 each.  You both will get a cd with images of both together and individual.


mama3911 said...

I would love love love to be a part of this! I adore breast feeding my son and the bond we share!

Elisabeth V said...

YES yes yes! I am LONGING for good pictures of me nursing my sweet girl. I would love to help you expand your portfolio!