Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FAQ For Hair Bling

How long will Bling Strands last?
•Anywhere from a week to 4 months!
This varies from person to person. Normal wear can be anywhere from a few days to several weeks, and is directly related to a person’s own hair loss rate. We all lose hair every day, and some of us more than others. A properly knotted Bling Strand™ will withstand everyday washing and styling, with the strand coming out when the hair it is tied to falls out of the scalp naturally.

Can Bling Strands™ be "temporarily" tied in?
•If you plan to wear Bling Strands for just one night, let me know. The strand can easily be slid off of the hair by placing your fingers over the knot and gently pulling away from the scalp. Another alternative is to tie the strands to bobby pins, clips or barrettes and place them in the style or under layers.

Can I wash my hair?
•Yes! Bling Strands can be left in while you shampoo and condition your hair.

Can I brush, blow dry, flat iron and curl my hair with Bling Strands in?
•Yes, with care. As with any extension, you will need to treat your hairstyle gently for maximum longevity. Keep heat settings on your styling tools below 400 degrees (medium to medium-high). Avoid using fine tooth combs.

Will my styling products damage Bling Strands?
•While all of your normal styling products are safe to use and will not dull the brilliance or your strands, keep in mind that significant amounts of hair sprays, gels and mousses can make it difficult to brush through your style and create extra stress on your hair and the Bling Strand tied to it. Treat your hair gently to insure that your strands will stay tied in as long as possible.

Can I color my hair with Bling Strands tied in?
•If you are doing a color weave, strands can be lifted out from the hair being processed and they will be fine. For all over color, remove the strands and replace them after the process. Most of the chemicals will strip the color from the strands, or at the very least dull the finish. Brazilian treatments use heat that can damage the strands, so place them in the style after the treatment.

Can I use Bling Strands in ethnic hair that is very curly?
•Absolutely! And they look gorgeous. The strands will follow a curl from a curling iron, but to achieve a tight curl just run the strand between the outside edge (not the inner blade) of your scissors and your thumb. It will curl like ribbon. Do it gently and repeat the motion until the curl has the desired tension to match the client’s style.

What are Bling Strands made of?
•They are made of a clothing-grade polyester fiber that is manufactured specifically for us in the United States. It is guaranteed to be lead-free, non-toxic and non-flammable. Proud to be a U.S. company and use only U.S. products and employees to bring our product to you.

Hair Bling" or "Hair Tinsel" is the newest hair fashion accessory.   It comes in a variety of colors. Hair Bling is attached to the root of your hair by tying the strand of colored  tinsel aroung three to five strands of hair.  Hair Bling can last for several weeks and can easily be removed when you no longer want it.  It can be washed, blown dry, curled and even flat ironed up to 400°.  Hair Bling is fun for all ages.  

Feathers are the latest and hottest “must have” fashion trend accessories! Once only available in hair salons, I now offers this unique style for your family and guests at your event. 
 Taking only minutes to complete your blend, feathers are attached with a gentle silicone bead and can last up to 12 weeks. Care is simple.. You can brush, shampoo, blow dry and use a curling or flat iron as usual without losing integrity or luster. Also feathers can be reused in future applications.

Hair Bling is a  beautiful hair accessory that can last for up to 4 months. It is fun and sparkly and women of all ages love it. It looks amazing in the sun! We get stopped everywhere we go by people complimenting us on our hair bling and wanting to get some in their own hair.

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