Friday, July 29, 2011

Haleys Hair

My hubbys sister Haley has always been in love with my daughters hair cut.
Haley has always had long hair and when she told me she was thinking about letting me cut it,
I didn't believe her. No one did. She texted alot of people and people doubted that she would really do it.
So finally she said just to do it.
She was freaking out once I got ready to do it.
She had enough to donate and I'm pretty sure she was trying not to cry.
But we couldn't stop laughing ;)
I cut and styled it and took pictures before I let her see.
I think she thanked me a million times in minutes as she jumped up and down saying she loved it.
She loved it and said she will never have long hair again.
It definitely fits her perfectly and makes her look so much older!
Now If I could find someone that knows how to do this specialty cut on me.
I always have wanted this hair cut!

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