Sunday, December 23, 2012

husband and sisters

Took these last week of my hubby and his sisters and went to get them printed to put in a frame for my inlaws (their parents) and the guy said they looked to professional and said he couldn't print them because I didn't have a copyright release. I told him my husband was in the car and he could match his face to the picture (people in line started laughing) he still said no they were obviously taken by a pro....I kept telling him that I took them and he still said he couldn't print without a release. I then told him I had a photography business card so he took one and said that would do....seriously when in the world did you have to start carrying your own copyright release for your own pictures.
 It was very flattering though :)

These are of my husband and his sisters. I put them in a frame and their parents LOVED THEM.
I think every parent needs updated pictures of their kids even when they are older.
I love how they turned out :)

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