Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I love love LOVE watching families grow.
I Have known Matt and Cristi for years.
I got to take pictures right after they were married, pregnancy, newborn and family pictures last year!
Aidyn will be 3 in May and I can't believe how big he has gotten!
Here are my favorite!

Cristi brought along her Sister and her nephew.
The boys were so cute!
He would NOT smile but loved showing me he is turning 3.
tried to get a group shot
Daddy and Aidyn
So cute!
He was so shy and wouldn't give mommy kisses 

one of my all time favorites!
Love this one too!
Cristi wanted portraits of everyone
Then Poor Aidyn was running and fell.

he was so sad the rest of the time
then they got him so smile :)
Cute boy with that look he gave me most of the time :)


Anonymous said...

I love ALL of them! Thank you so much. You always do amazing work!

tanjanowinsky said...

These are amazing. Great job.

tanjanowinsky said...

I love all of these. they are such a photogenic family.