Monday, May 6, 2013

J & K Wedding 2013

On April 27, 2013
My husbands Sister got Married.
It was a Beautiful day and they chose a Gorgeous Arabian Stable  to have their wedding at
We got there Early since I was doing her hair and Makeup
and the kids loved running around exploring and seeing the horses.
I made my girls dresses in her wedding colors and I love how they turned out!
couldn't find boots her size but I found these Adorable boot tights!
Love Love Love this picture!!!
My husband took the pictures that I am in :)
Other sister getting her dress laced up
Bride and Mother
The Bride!
Mylee was asked to be the flower girl and was so excited and
 practiced and kept wanting pictures with Jennie.
Landon and Jennie
My husband and his sister
the siblings
all the groomsmen
Father and Bride
all us Bridesmaids 
My husband and 2 oldest
My 2 oldest were part of the wedding
Mylee was the flower Girl and Landon got to walk down with their dog. 

It was getting dark by the time the ceremony was over and the reception was starting.
But we were able to get these pictures of everyone 

The whole Wedding Party
all the Men
My husband was proud of all his hard work to lift his sister :)
The Groom
Mylee loved posing for pictures in her new boots and dress
The Bride and Groom
Mr and Mrs Smith!!!!
My little boy loved the cupcakes 
The first dance
Daddy Daughter Dance
Mother Son Dance
Grandpa is in a wheelchair and wanted to dance with the bride.
He was so cute getting help to dance with her!
New Father in Law
Garter time!
Flower Toss
my daughter caught it and was thrilled!
The party went for hours and we all had so much fun!
Congrats again!!!

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